230OREMO-139 M139


230OREMO-139 M139
メーカー: 俺の素人-Z-
収録時間: 39min
品番: 230OREMO-139
配信開始日: 2024/03/05
商品発売日: DVD未発売
レーベル: 俺の素人-Z-
ジャンル: フルハイビジョン(FHD) 配信専用 巨乳 職業色々 中出し 盗撮・のぞき 淫乱・ハード系 イラマチオ

00:00~ 勤務中の女性アパレルスタッフを盗撮。
02:51~ スタッフに近づき胸元を撮影。
03:00~ 胸の谷間を狙う撮影。
03:11~ ローアングルからスカートから見えるパンツを撮影。
03:36~ しゃがんで作業するスタッフのパンツを撮影。
05:03~ スカートの中にカメラを突っ込み撮影。
06:06~ 無防備なパンチラ撮影。
08:00~ 関係者用エレベーター前、アパレルスタッフに襲いかかる男達。
10:10~ ブラジャーから乳房を露出させイジメる。巨乳を舐め散らかしスカートを捲し上げる。
11:25~ パンツに手を突っ込み膣に指をねじ込み指ズボ。パンツを脱がしクンニ。激しく唇を奪う。
12:44~ ガシマン。潮吹き。ケツをつき出させガシマン。流れ出る体液。
15:46~ 二本ペニス交互イラマチオ。
18:58~ 唾液まみれの乳房、肉棒ばさみパイズリ。
24:31~ イラマ中に正常位挿入。座位、立ちバック激しく突きあげられながらも口もペニスでふさがれるイラマチオ。
31:30~ バック挿入→正常位→側位→中出し。
37:15~ 立ちバック→尻ブッカケ。

I can’t explain in detail. Video data of apparel staff absurdly targeted in a Kanto shopping mall.
We have obtained some of them. If there is nothing else, we will upload them as needed. The video contents are as follows.

00:00- Sneak shot of a female apparel staff member on duty.
02:51 – Approaching the staff member and filming her breasts.
03:00 – Aiming at the cleavage of her breasts.
03:11~ Low angle shot of pants visible through skirt
03:36- Pants of staff working in a crouching position are filmed.
05:03~ Camera is stuck inside a skirt for filming.
06:06 – Unprotected panty shots
08:00~ In front of the elevator for the staff, men attack the apparel staff.
They cover their mouths, pinch their bodies, and squeeze their breasts.
The bra is exposed and the breasts are violently squeezed with both hands.
They stick their fingers in her mouth. She forcibly takes his lips. She devours the breast that is about to spill out from the bra.
10:10- Her breasts are exposed from her bra and teased. She licks her big tits and pulls up her skirt.
11:25 – She puts her hand into her pants and twists her fingers into her vagina. She takes off her pants and cunnilingus. She takes his lips violently.
12:44 – Gashiman. Squirting. She sticks her ass out and shoves her ass into his mouth. Fluid flows out of her body.
15:46 – Double Penis alternating penetrative fellatio.
18:58 – Saliva-covered breasts, pussy-snatching and titty-slapping.
24:31- Normal penetration during deep-throating. Sitting position, standing back, and hard thrusting while mouth is also covered with penis.
31:30- Back penetration, normal position, side position, and Nakadashi.
37:15- Standing back position, ass blowjob.

Date: March 5, 2024
Actors: Star

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