230OREMO-140 R140


230OREMO-140 R140
メーカー: 俺の素人-Z-
収録時間: 34min
品番: 230OREMO-140
配信開始日: 2024/03/05
商品発売日: DVD未発売
レーベル: 俺の素人-Z-
ジャンル: フルハイビジョン(FHD) 配信専用 巨乳 職業色々 中出し 盗撮・のぞき 淫乱・ハード系 イラマチオ

00:00~ 勤務中の女性アパレルスタッフを盗撮。
01:21~ スカート内にカメラを突っ込みパンツ撮影。
02:00~ しゃがんで作業するスタッフの正面に回りローアングルパンツ撮影。
03:11~ ローアングルからスカートから見えるパンツを撮影。
04:00~ しゃがんで作業するスタッフのパンツを撮影。
05:20~ ワンピースの中、カメラを突っ込みブラジャー撮影。
08:30~ 関係者用エレベーター前、アパレルスタッフに襲いかかる男達。
11:10~ ブラジャーから乳房を露出させイジメる。巨乳を舐め散らかしスカートを捲し上げる。
11:25~ パンツを剥ぎ取り、手マン。潮吹き。
13:15~ 尻を突き出させ、スパンキング、手マン。
15:36~ バイブ責め。
20:50~ イラマチオ。肉棒二本で喉奥を突きまくる。
25:35~ バック挿入。膣奥、喉奥を同時につきまくる。
27:00~ 立バック→中出し→正常位→顔射。
I can’t explain in detail. Video data of apparel staff absurdly targeted in a Kanto shopping mall.
We have obtained some of them. If there is nothing else, we will upload them as needed. The video contents are as follows.

00:00- Sneak shot of female apparel staff on duty.
01:21- Pants filming by sticking the camera into the skirt.
02:00 – Low-angle pants filming of the staff working in front of them while they are crouched down.
03:11- Low-angle shot of underpants visible through skirt.
04:00- The staff member squatting down and filming her underpants
05:20- Camera is inserted into a one-piece dress to film the bra.
08:30- In front of the elevator for staff members, men attack an apparel staff member.
They pull up her one-piece dress to expose her underwear and devour her whole body. They take her lips and play with her big tits.
They expose her big tits and tease her.
11:10- Her breasts are exposed through her bra and teased. She licks her big tits and pulls up her skirt.
11:25 – Pants are stripped off and hand-fucked. Squirting.
13:15- Ass is thrust out, spanking, and handjob.
15:36 – Vibrator torture.
20:50 – Deep Throating. Two rods are used to penetrate the back of the throat.
25:35 – Back penetration. She pokes the back of the vagina and the back of the throat at the same time.
27:00- Standing back, Nakadashi, Normal position, Facial ejaculation.

Date: March 5, 2024
Actors: Star

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