300MIUM-1062 Rented a stylish E-cup insurance saleswoman as a girlfriend! She is a very attractive E-cup insurance saleswoman, and she has a lot of fun with him! She has a private sauna date and then gets fucked in a sweaty, thick, live sex session! You want to cum? Let it out! Let it out, let it out, let it out! She is begging for cum inside of her! Her body is so erotic and her pussy is so tight that she shoots 4 times in one night (the highest in the series)!


300MIUM-1062 スタイル抜群Eカップ保険営業を彼女としてレンタル!口説き落として本来禁止のエロ行為までヤリまくった一部始終を完全REC!!プライベートサウナデートからの流れで汗だく濃厚生ハメセックス!!「イっちゃう?そのまま出して!出して出して!!」と中出し懇願するどスケベお姉さんの膣内に大量射精!!カラダがエロ過ぎ&マ◯コの締まりが良過ぎて、一晩で出しも出したり4発射(シリーズ最高タイ)
出演: るいさちゃん 27歳 保険営業
メーカー: プレステージプレミアム(PRESTIGE PREMIUM)
収録時間: 117min
品番: 300MIUM-1062
配信開始日: 2024/03/03
商品発売日: DVD未発売
シリーズ: レンタル彼女
レーベル: prestigepremium
ジャンル: 独占配信 配信専用 素人 企画 フルハイビジョン(FHD) ハメ撮り 中出し ローション・オイル スレンダー 美乳


The popular rental girlfriend service. Risa is a beautiful, well-muscled, and beautifully postured girl with a very beautiful posture.
Risa (27 years old) is an adult woman with good muscle tone and beautiful posture.
She enjoys playing golf, and we went on a date with her. Ruisa is an athletic woman who spends her weekends working out at the gym and doing other activities.
As she teaches me the basics of swinging, we head to a private sauna to get closer.
Riisa is dressed in a swimsuit, and the sight of her soaking in sweat is sensational.
She’s an E-cup, and when she’s in close contact with me in the sauna room, I can’t stand still. …… I take her lips halfway by force, and Ruisa’s tongue is entwined with hers, as if she’s turned on by the turn-on.
The eyes are so soft and the breath is so erotic.
Risa’s mature reaction has already made my dick fully erect.
When I offered it to her, she said, “You really can’t do that, can you? She licks it slowly and carefully.
When I put on a rubber and tried to insert it, she said, “I don’t want a rubber! I want it just the way it is…” Risa complained with her luminous eyes.
I screwed her wet, raw pussy with my cock, which was about to be ripped off.
She is so obscene as she wiggles her body and says, “Oh my God, that feels so good!
When she thrusts her ass back and forth without mercy, her ass makes a loud, slutty sound.
She is so horny that her ass makes a loud, nasty sound as she thrusts her ass back and forth without mercy! I’m cumming!
and she climaxes again and again.
When she was in the normal position, her soft and shapely E-cups were shaking and shaking in the most erotic way.
When she was about to shoot her load, Ruisa sensed it and said, “Are you going to cum? Let it out! Let it out, let it out, let it out! She begged for cum inside.
She repeatedly contracts and shoots her sperm into Ruisa’s fat pussy.
This is really great sex with a very erotic lady.
After a short break, they go for a second round. Risa’s body is covered in oil and she enjoys it as much as she can.
The chemistry between their bodies is so great that they shoot a total of four times! It was a great night for both of us. ………

Date: March 4, 2024
Actors: Star