476MLA-164 Beautiful slender BODY with no unnecessary flab! She is a former cabaret girl and a proud Minato-ku girl!


476MLA-164 無駄な贅肉なしの美しいスレンダーBODY!!元キャバ嬢でプライドの高い港区女子をギャラ飲みオチ●ポ成敗!!
出演: 沙弥
メーカー: まんまんランド
収録時間: 62min
品番: 476MLA-164
配信開始日: 2024/03/05
レーベル: まんまんランド
ジャンル: 配信専用 お姉さん スレンダー 巨乳 ギャル 美乳 盗撮・のぞき 美尻 美脚 素人

This project is about having sex with high level girls who are sent by a company that introduces girls for drinking! I nominated Shaya (26) on the members-only site and called her up to my house to start drinking! She is a slender beauty who looks good in a red mini one-piece. Her slender, beautiful legs showing through her mini-skirt are very sexy. She used to be a cabaret girl, but quit because of troublesome relationships. Enjoying a drink→Mini-games→Good build-up→The two of them are alone. Breast rubbing over clothes → kissing → caressing with hands in pants (she feels it all) → nipple play while licking ears → cunnilingus → camera intrusion confuses her → electric massage → hand job (squirting) → vibrator and electric massage W blame → blow job. She makes him sit on the sofa and inserts him in normal position! She says, “Oh no, don’t film me! She says “Oh no, don’t film me! She has a beautiful slender body without any unnecessary flab! She shakes her beautiful body and comes all over the place. She is a beautiful, beautiful woman with a beautiful body! I cum inside her! She inserts her body again and finishes with a blowjob on her beautiful face from the normal position. She gives him a hush money and ends the session.

Date: March 6, 2024
Actors: Star