476MLA-174 19 year old falls off her dick with never-ending hard pistons! Sold to the boss, the calm and natural gradol comes screaming and cumming!


476MLA-174 終わらない激ピストンで19歳がチ●ポ堕ち!社長に売られたおっとり天然グラドルが絶叫しながらイキまくる!!
出演: ゆき
メーカー: まんまんランド
収録時間: 61min
品番: 476MLA-174
配信開始日: 2024/05/09
レーベル: まんまんランド
ジャンル: 配信専用 巨乳 美少女 潮吹き 美尻 素人 顔射 水着 美脚 企画


I asked the president of an entertainment agency I know to send me an unknown gradol who is hungry for work. Her gravure work has come full circle, her workload has decreased and she seems to be coming to the end of her career as a gravure and has been given permission to “do whatever she wants”. The one dispatched this time was [Shiina Chiko/19 years old/Beautiful neckline G-cup/G-cup/Gravia career 2 years/clothing student/also works part-time 3 times a week/Clean and neat] Sneak shot of her changing clothes (she seems to live at home and calls about dinner with her mother) → Start shooting → Relax while chatting → Introduce male model (actor) → Did not know there was a man She was confused, saying she didn’t know there was a man in the room→Shifted to more intimate shots→Took out a rotor and put it on her crotch→”Isn’t something strange?” But it was already too late! →Kissing→Camera rush→G-pie squeeze→Electric massage→She starts to feel more and more→Handjob→W blaming with vibrator and electric massage→”Ugh… I’m going to come! Climax, nipple play, blowjob, deep-throat thrusting, blowjob, cock sucking by cameraman, W armpit job, paizuri, lastly, she says she can leave if he shows her vagina and makes him open her pussy, she doesn’t let him leave and inserts herself, normal position on sofa, actor and cameraman alternately pistoning her, she involuntarily says “… I’m going to come! I feel so good! She leaks out, saying “I feel so good!” → Moves to the bed and back (squirts) → Fellatio & back cover her upper and lower mouths → Rear cowgirl position (“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” and squirts while apologising). (squirt while apologising) → side position → back (spanking) → standing back (squirt) → standing back with one leg up → back with blowjob → back sit on the back and cum inside → baffled by cum inside, she says “no, no, no” but inserts it again → second time cum inside in normal position → still not finished, inserts it back → sitting back → cum squirt. Squirting squirts, standing back (squirting), cowgirl position, normal position on bed, Gradle screaming at last spurt of hard pistons, cameraman shoots in her face, actor follows up with more face shots to finish.

Date: May 9, 2024
Actors: Star

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