FC2 PPV 4309822 – Ex-performer’s complete story of her fall from grace and surrender to meth! Former idols expose their moment of rational collapse! The girls are all in the middle of the action!


FC2 PPV 4309822 – 元芸能人がメス堕ち屈服する一部始終を完全収録!!理性崩壊の瞬間をさらけ出す元アイドル!!華やかに業界を駆け抜けた有名グループメンバーに大量中出し!!














I’m an amateur minister who enjoys taking fuck shots with women he met on a matching app.

This time again, the sample image sample video is blurred, but there is no blurring or mosaic in the full-length movie.

Miracle is back again…we succeeded in reshooting with that woman! She has been in the entertainment industry, appeared in various media, belonged to a certain idol group, and has an overwhelming presence in the industry! Karen!

I wonder if she had a change of heart during the last photo shoot…….

She said, “I like to see a guy getting excited… I want to accept everything…” I was stunned to hear her say that! Let’s have her show us how she has evolved.

Of course, her smooth, young and beautiful skin, which needs no explanation, is still there! When she undressed, her beautiful nipples were standing up and her pants were stained with sweat because they were too wet.

She was moaning as before when I played with her hairy pussy, which didn’t match her face! When I inserted the vibrator, she said, “Wait, it feels so good! That feels so good! I’m going to come! I’m going to cum! I’m cumming!” and she came with a submissive expression on her face.

After she climaxed, she began to lick the male pole without asking, and she was sweating.

Kalen’s mala licking technique is as sophisticated as that of a professional in the field! The room is filled with the sound of her licking! She’s evolved even further, and this time she captures the licking scene from a great angle.

She is so eager to lick you that you can’t hold back any longer! Kalen’s young garden is a natural for a raw fuck!
She grabs the sheets and passionately fucks the shit out of them.
Without any shame, she says “My cock feels so good”, “It feels so good in my pussy, I’m going crazy! I’m going crazy!
I’m going crazy!” and her rationality completely collapsed.

I don’t think I can ever go back to the entertainment industry after exposing myself so openly and excessively.

It would have been terrible if she had gone wild without any sense of decency or modesty! I injected the male liquid into Karen’s crack!

Despite the large amount of male juice that poured out of her crack, she was not bothered by it and had a joyful expression on her face as she said, “That felt so good…phew!

Please watch the part 2 of the sex scene where the former popular idol, who went through a glamorous career in the industry, falls into a state of rational collapse and completely falls into a state of meth addiction!
FC2 PPV 4309822

Date: March 5, 2024
Actors: Star